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Would your business would benefit from part time and cost-effective technical strategy guidance, perhaps a CTO to review and advise on strategy, approach or process?  If so, our pool of talented, proven and experienced technical professionals can be contracted on a part-time basis to (maybe 1-2 days per month).

Our team of very experienced, proven thought leaders are available to help your company design the best strategy and practices without the overhead of a permanent member of staff or full-time contract commitment.

Advantages working with independent and commercially experienced consultants include:

  • Completely independent so not looking to represent a particular approach or tool set.
  • Commercially experienced. ‘Been there and got the T-shirt’ commercially, so practiced in making sure activities add value to the business.
  • Experienced – many years experience delivering workable solutions in the real world.
  • Will not try and sell you something you don’t need or introduce business partners.
  • Consistency – you will work with he same person in a long term relationship.

Case Study

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The requirement was to scale the delivery team of professional testers quickly (16 people). There were a number of projects with a key client that needed resource. The brief was to recruit both technical tools based testers and manual QA people on a permanent basis. The company wanted to recruit on a permanent basis. We needed to find people who were client facing and happy to work on different client sites, ostensibly to work away from home during the week.

Within 3 months we had all the people they needed and fulfilled the requirement. After just 2 weeks trust and confidence was at a level where the client asked us ‘just to book interviews in’ they felt they didn’t need to see the CV’s before agreeing to meet the candidates.

A great result with a very happy client.

Head of Delivery | International Testing Consultancy

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