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Communication Superpower – 1 day workshop

When: February 28 2020 | Where: Jury Inn, Cardiff


Unless you are sitting in a room on your own with loads of money stuffed into a mattress you are probably having to communicate effectively with people in order to get things done and be successful.

Treading the fine line between being both effective AND liked isn’t always easy because we are all different.

We’ve all met those people who are effective, but people dislike them, equally, there are plenty of people who are super nice. So nice. Like Teddy Bears. But they aren’t respected and have difficulty getting things done.


Whether you are:

  • Building a relationship with your boss
  • Managing a team
  • Having to motivate people
  • Giving presentations
  • Looking for your next career move,
  • Running workshops
  • Want to make more of an impact and build confidence & self-image

.. then this workshop is for you.

You leave the day with a fabulous tool kit, skills you can embed in all your communications and also the support of a ‘members only’ community to help you integrate what you have learned and to seek ongoing advice, plus it’s a great way to meet proactive and growth oriented people.

Rob Lambert is a multi-award-winning International speaker but what I like most about him is that he started as a software tester and grew in to managing teams, heading up departments and growing start-ups, you could say he has been there and has the T-shirt.

This is a real chance to invest in yourself and learn skills that will transform your relationships and make interacting with people more rewarding.

Due to the nature of the workshop which is tailored to your personality we keep the numbers low so to avoid disappointment I would book early, plus there is an early booking discount until the end of Jan. You can find out more here – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/develop-your-superpower-for-work-and-life-the-communication-workshop-tickets-88482191617

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Case Study

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The requirement was to scale the delivery team of professional testers quickly (16 people). There were a number of projects with a key client that needed resource. The brief was to recruit both technical tools based testers and manual QA people on a permanent basis. The company wanted to recruit on a permanent basis. We needed to find people who were client facing and happy to work on different client sites, ostensibly to work away from home during the week.

Within 3 months we had all the people they needed and fulfilled the requirement. After just 2 weeks trust and confidence was at a level where the client asked us ‘just to book interviews in’ they felt they didn’t need to see the CV’s before agreeing to meet the candidates.

A great result with a very happy client.

Head of Delivery | International Testing Consultancy

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