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Public funded company based in London


This public funded organisation needed additional short term help to complete a project within tight timescales


The client was experiencing project backlog whilst suffering limited funds to complete the programme.  We needed a skilled contract Tester in a financially challenging situation.

What happened

We talked through the specific technical requirements and identified the essential skills and areas where knowledge was not so key, we were then able to reach out to Testers with the important skills offering them the opportunity to use their key skills and also pick up experience in technologies they had not worked with previously, which were part of the work environment.


We were able to identify 3 candidates who had the key skills and were eager to pick up new skills as part of the project.  All candidates were interviewed and the most ideal person offered the contract.

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The requirement was to scale the delivery team of professional testers quickly (16 people). There were a number of projects with a key client that needed resource. The brief was to recruit both technical tools based testers and manual QA people on a permanent basis. The company wanted to recruit on a permanent basis. We needed to find people who were client facing and happy to work on different client sites, ostensibly to work away from home during the week.

Within 3 months we had all the people they needed and fulfilled the requirement. After just 2 weeks trust and confidence was at a level where the client asked us ‘just to book interviews in’ they felt they didn’t need to see the CV’s before agreeing to meet the candidates.

A great result with a very happy client.

Head of Delivery | International Testing Consultancy

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