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Webinar – Creating Value in Software Testing – 17th April 2019

April 1st, 2019


Announcement of webinar discussing the value of software testing

– with Mike Jarred, Programme Chair of the Assurance Leadership Forum and hosted by technical professionals

technical professionals are pleased to host a webinar with Mike Jarred, an experienced Quality Engineering and Development Manager where “The Value of Testing” will be discussed. This lunchtime webinar, on 17th April 2019, will help attendees identify and manage all the stakeholders associated with testing appropriately and how to build credibility with each of these key players.

As software development methods change and models for delivering software to end users evolve, the responsibility for Software Testing is changing. Some organisations still have Testing departments, some have Guilds and Centres of Excellence, while some have cross functional teams who are collectively responsible to delivering working software to agreed acceptance criteria. Regardless of who conducts testing, and how it is undertaken, it is still seen as a cost of development and the value of testing is not always understood, leading to questions from stakeholders about the value, the cost, the effectiveness and efficiency of testing activities. These questions demonstrate a lack of trust and credibility with our stakeholders, and this needs to be addressed.

Mike Jarred and Jennifer Wheeler, from technical professionals, have collaborated on a number of occasions; Mike has used Jennifer’s services when building testing teams in the past and together they have established mentoring relationships for testers and other IT professionals. Jennifer and Phil Wheeler are also facilitating a discussion session about interview skills at the Assurance Leadership Forum on 24th April of which Mike is the Programme Chair. This webinar is the next area of collaboration intended to help with the professional development of testers.

Mike Jarred says:

“I’m really pleased to be asked to discuss the value of testing in this online webinar. It is fundamental for Testers and Engineering Managers to be able to articulate how testing adds value in organisations and how it positively impacts their stakeholders.

Mike does not claim to have all the answers, but he is keen to share his experiences within the testing field to date.

The webinar will be hosted at 13:15 (GMT) on 17th April 2019. For more details and to sign up, see: https://technicalprofessionals.co.uk/events/2019/04/17/webinar-creating-value-testing/

The discussion will last for 30 minutes and there will be a 15 minute online Q&A session after the discussion.


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  1. technical professionals are a leading software testing recruitment agency and staffing company. They help companies across the UK and Europe build awesome technical QA teams.


  1. Mike Jarred is an IT practitioner with over three decades of experience in Software Testing and Quality Management gained in a diverse range of industry domains. Mike is the Programme Chair for the Assurance Leadership Forum; a networking and knowledge management event that facilitates the personal, and professional development of IT Professionals.


  1. Contact technical professionals via https://technicalprofessionals.co.uk/ or 01437 532257.


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